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Sylsfear Quest : Laboratory Chest


1-If you are not a lock picker, or don’t know one, start at part 1

2-if you are a lock picker or know one, with any skill level, go to 

   part 2

3-if you or a friend is a master lock picker, and someone can cast

   weaken lock VI for you, go to part 3.



Part 1 : Zalphoos


IMPORTANT : bring at least 900p in CASH.


1- Preferably from Glenden Wood, run to the Zabool Tower Base portal at

    21.7N 19.4E


2- simply run to the top, running past a few reedsharks, some black and red 

    rats, and one lich that you will only see on your radar. this is mainly a

    circular route, so no need to explain what to do, just go up.


3- hit the Top of Mt. Zabool Portal at the top.


4-head to 20.8N 18.5E, on top of the plateau, to the Mount Alphus Portal.


5-Outside the portal, you should see a tent not too far, at 19.3N 17.6E. 


6-Zalphoos, the Merchant, sells Zalphoos' Key, for 900p and he has 

   pearless healing kits for 1000p(Only guy who sells that, to my

   knowledge, have a mule tie here if you like). He DOESN’T BUY TRADE  

   NOTES, that’s why you need some cash pyreals.


7-Now that you have Zalphoos’ Key, go through the Base of Mt. Alphus

   portal  just outside the tent, and through the Mt. Alphus Valley portal near  

   where you appear.










Part 2 : Alfreth Dungeon


1-from where the Mt. Alphus Valley portal dropped you, or from Glenden

   Wood if you have a lock picker, run to Alfreth Dungeon at 20.5N 13.2E.


2-At the entrance, stick to the left wall, you will go in a passage at the end

   of the entrance room(not the one going up).


3-not far inside the passage, there is a passage going down, go down and 

   stick to the left wall, you'll go past a Reedshark nest, and you'll end up in

   another room.

4-go right, in the other room, and make the jump down to your right , look

back to where you jumped from, a passage is just to the right, take it, at  the first turn in the passage, there is a locked door, use Zalphoos’ key or pick the lock.


5- behind the door, follow the passage up, at the end, do the 2 jumps down.


6-follow the passage at the bottom of the pit, it goes up. When you're out of 

   the passage, stick to the left wall, you'll go past a surface portal and go in 

   another passage, after the small passage, you’ll end up in a room where

   you’ll find a Banderling Captain and a small group of banderlings. Kill the

   Captain and take the Worn Key he drops. Take as many keys as you like,

   the more the better as it is 1 use, and that a bad move at the end of the

   quest, after you use the key, can be quite lethal, the spawn is quite slow,

   15 min i think. When you got enough keys go back to the surface portal

   that you runned past, and go through it.




                      Part 3 : Sylsfear : Laboratory Key


1-Run to Sylsfear Dungeon at 11.0N 14.7E.


2- inside, take the passage left of the Surface portal, stick to the right wall 

    of the passage, you'll go down twice, don't take any turns, go forward

    and go on in the wavy tunnel until you get to a Dusty Sign and a broken



3-Buff here! For shadows!

   go left and down,  open door, (not locked)

   IMPORTANT! : door is locked from other side, so to come back for last  

   part you need a lock picker, recall  if you are tied, or run back once more.



4-go through the rooms and passages, killing the shadows, until you get to

   a gate with a portal to the south direlands. DON’T TAKE THE PORTAL.


5- go down the right passage, and kill the shadow, the male tusker, the 2

    shadow lt, 2 lich lords, the panumbris and the revenant, the key is on the

    revenant, it is no drop, no give, and the spawn rate in this room is 2

    min except for the shadow and the tusker. You can easily use the 

    corners to your advantages, evading war spells while killing them. If you 

    are a lock picker, the sarcophagus can spawn good loots, but it 

    respawns slowly. Get as many key as you want, i usually fill up a pack.

    The Tusker drops a key, that as nothing to do with the Laboratory supply

    Chest quest, so don’t bother picking it up.


6-after you have enough keys, go back to the entrance of Sylsfear 

   Dungeon, either by running back if you have lock pick, recalling to

   entrance if you’re tied, or recalling somewhere else and doing the run




Part 4 : Sylsfear : Laboratory Supply Chest


1-     Finally, you’re off to the chest. At the entrance, take passage right of surface portal, run down, kill or run past the Granite golems, at the door,

     use the worn key found in Alfreth Dungeon, or if you are a master of 

     lock picking, try picking it, a Weaken Lock VI will help, even then it’ll still

     be one hard lock.


2-     go straigth ahead in the passage, on the other side of the door,  until   get to a room. Go past the gate taht is to your left, at the end of the room.


3-     past the gate, stick to the right wall, until you come to a bench. Just past the bench, there is a turn left that goes down, time to buff againsn’t lightning and fire, you will be hitting hard things now : 1 Astyrrian, 1 Scintilla, 1 Static, 1 Inferno, 1 Flamma, 1 Flare, and 2 Shadow Wisps, spawning every 2 min.


4-     After buffing, go down and you’ll be right next to the chest room.

     Now, you have the choice of doing it in 2 ways :

     1-clear the room, loot once or twice, retreat in passage and wait for


     2-Evade everything and take all your pulls in one shot.


    How to evade?

    1-you must be ALONE, go down near the room and wait that everything  

       lose interests(Being more then 1, monsters will alternate between 

       targets, and never stops moving).

    2- walk slowly inside room, stick to the left wall and go to the big torch. 

        Stay as near as possible to the wall.


  3-by staying next to the wall, run to the strange pillar, to a distance of a  

   Shift-Jump. Shift-Jump on the pillar and then down on the chest, time to  



 Nothings moving, and you can take all the pulls you want.


 Chest spawns about everything, but mainly staffs/wands/orbs, gems, 

 jewelry and clothes, but it spawned a few nice armors and weapons.


 Some things i got in here are 3 Item V, 2 War V, 1 life VI diff 227,

 a 2-6 Cestus, Endurance VI sleeves, 3 or 4 nice cuirass (Al 180+ base),

 Cold prot V, slash prot V, Focus VI diff 235, Magic Res V, many many death 

 items and a lot of gems to sell.