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Welcome traveler,
Wandering Eldon

I am Eldon, formerly known as a wandering mage, until some 80 years ago I came upon Gea-Xle, and its wealthy nobility caste. It was there I became known as Seer, divining futures and profiting heavily.

However, 5 years ago my life drastically changed. A powerful northern sorcerer adept at self-transmutation, called by the name Shapeshifter, came to steal my identity. It was only by chance that I was able to escape, and live on.

Now distrusted by Gea-Xle and hunted by Shapeshifter's apprentice, I have been conscripted by the Black Company to build and maintain this safe haven.

And so it will be.

Torch Torch
Is this a challenge to a Mage battle?

Do you think you know my