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I wish to take the time to commend the person who made this possible, Glen Cook, to his creativity I give thanks. If you haven't read all of the Black Company Books go out and buy them today, you will be glad you did. To those who have expressed an interest in communicating with Glen Cook, I will provide an address that I found in my searching,
4106 Flora Place
St. Louis, MO 63110.
I have not tried this address, and Glen Cook has not authorized me to give out this information. So if you write to him, please do so with the respect due to him. Thank You

I also want to thank Nicholas Jainschigg, for creating the magnificent cover art shown here

Bleak Season She Is The Darkness

The Glen Cook Fan Page
A good site, and recently updated too.
The Official Glen Cook Bibliography
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An index of Nicholas Jainschigg's art
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