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__________________Black Company sites__________________
Black Company Sites

The Black Company Homepage The first BC web page!
The Black Company Index A full index of proper nouns from the first three books (in progress).
Ender's Black Company Homepage
The Limper's Black Company Page Contains notes from the novels
Black Company: The Outpost In Eastern Europe
The Black Company Sketchbook
__________________Glen Cook sites__________________
Glen Cook Sites

The Official Glen Cook Bibliography
The Glen Cook Fan Page Newly updated
The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive: Cook, Glen Mailing list archive
Black Company Discussion
Books by Glen Cook Some info on the books.
TOR Publishing Glen Cook's publisher

__________________Black Company sites__________________
Sites about games or clans based off of The Black Company

Rules for Tonk the card game played by the Black Company.
Download Tonk for your windows based PC.
Annals of the Black CompanyNew A cool looking Black Company paintball group
Welcome to the Black Company Quake CTF
The Taken: A team Fortress Quake Clan
Meridian 59 Black Company ClanNew
The Black Company Mercenaries Headquarters MechWarrior
The Black Company Homepage Subspace
The Black Company: Mercenaries from the Barony of Starkhafn Society for Creative Anachronism
Black Company Amtgard ClanNew a LARP with a fantasy flair

Celtic Web Art
The Medieval Animated GIF Page
Ravensgard Medieval Arts and Crafts
Steven Brust Fan Page


Phat Nuggets Home Page
Somtin Cool :(
Happiest Place on Earth
Tripod Login Page
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