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Torch Torch
If you as DM run a standard AD&D campaign that includes elves, dwarves, orcs, etc, then you should consider converting some of characters in the Company into demi-humans.

It doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to see that half pint scoundrel Goblin could be a demented gnome illiusionist.

Cletus, Loftus, and Longus could easily be dwarves.

Remember the Black Company will take anyone who they see as an asset, into the fold, who or whatever they may have been. (elf, half-orc, halfling, etc)

A character or NPC can join the Black Company if they can convince a Company brother to be their sponsor. The sponsor asks the Captain to hold an officers vote, majority wins.

But remember there is only one way to leave the Black Company... Feet First!

If you are running your campaign in the Forgotten Realms you can give the Company a little history easily. The Black Company was hired by the priesthood of Bhaal in Tyraturos, Thay, to fight Chessenta city states. The Company Banner is adapted from Bhaal's personal symbol. The Company uses the adopted symbol as their own now that Bhaal is dead,(Time of Troubles).

Also, if in the Realms consider putting the fabled origin of the Free companies, Khatovar, in the lands of the Al-Qadim campaign. (For those that didn't realize, the planet Toril, location of the Forgotten Realms also contains to the south Al-Qadim, and to the east Kara-Tur). I haven't actually used any of the Al-Qadim products, but the south (Taligos) looks to be very similar. If anybody wants to fill me in on Al-Qadim, gods, specific location for Khatovar, etc, please E-mail me.